Elevating South Australia's Innovative Women

About the Awards

The Winnovation Awards showcases and celebrates the successes of female innovators changing the game in South Australia. These Awards also recognise businesses who support our state's innovative women.

Winnovation Awards 2020

The 2020 Winnovation Awards nominations are now closed!

Thank you again to everyone that applied and nominiated

Another year of inspiring applications - we are so proud and excited to read about of ALL of the innovation happening in South Australia.

Stay tuned for the finalist annoucement coming soon.

Key dates

Finalist announced - Early October
Winners announced - at a date to be advised in November

Who are these women?

Women who live, work and play in South Australia, but whose initiative could have impact anywhere. They are the unsung heroes, quiet achievers, the difference makers and the mavericks; each one dedicated to challenging the known or solving the unknown in their contribution to South Australian enterprise. Their fields of endeavour range from art to zoos; diving into the southern ocean; scanning the stars above; -or caring for the land in between. From studios to shop fronts; research facilities to workshop floors, laboratories to boardrooms.

What have they contributed?

Crossed the chasm with an innovation that seemed impossible

Searched for and found new ways to do old things

Leapt insurmountable hurdles

Created solutions to wicked problems

Challenged the known; the accepted; the norm

Championed social change

Imagined and played a bigger game

Disrupted the status, developing people, systems or processes