Elevating South Australia's Innovative Women

How Does It Work?

  1. An innovative South Australian woman or business supporting South Australian women is nominated online any time up until midnight 8 July.                                                 
  2. Nominations are then assessed by the board - which may take up to a week
  3. Successful innovators are notified via email and encouraged to enter the awards
  4. They must complete their entry via the online application form by midnight, 12 August                                 
  5. Applications are then short listed and sent off to independent judges for assessment
  6. Finalists are then invited to attend the Winnovation Awards ceremony via an email sent in September
  7. Winners are then announced at the invite only Winnovation Awards ceremony held on 25 October                 
  8. Winners will be published on this website and social media on the night of 25 October                 
  9. The Advertiser will publish a story on the Award winners the following day, 26 October
Successful innovators move through the Awards process in 4 stages as a:
  1. Nominee   
  2. Applicant   
  3. Finalist  
  4. Winner