Elevating South Australia's Innovative Women

How Does It Work?

  1. Anyone can nominate an innovative South Australian woman or business supporting South Australian women from midnight 18 June, 2018. 
  2. Nominees must complete their entry via the online application form by midnight on 31 July, 2018.
  3. Applications are then short listed and sent off to independent judges for assessment.                 
  4. Finalists are then invited to attend the Winnovation Awards ceremony via an email sent in September
  5. Winners are announced at the invite only Winnovation Awards ceremony held on 18 October, 2018.
  6. Winners will be published on this website and social media on the night of 18 October, 2018.  
  7. The Advertiser will publish a story on the Award winners on or around 18 October, 2018.
Successful innovators move through the Awards process in stages as a:                   
  1. Applicant   
  2. Finalist  
  3. Winner    

How Do I Apply?

Step 1 - Award Nomination

If you are nominating someone else or someone else's business, please complete the nomination form using the 'NOMINATE NOW' button below. Otherwise if you are nominating yourself or your own business go straight to Step 2 - Award Application.


Step 2 - Award Application

Nominees can then complete the online application - open to current financial members of Women in Innovation.

The cost to complete the application for the awards is $110 all up - which includes one year's membership of Women in Innovation worth $60.

If you are a current financial member; it's just the $50 to enter in each category.
You can enter into as many categories as you like but you can only win in one category.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member on our site and if you like you can join as a member using the online form.

If you do choose to go ahead with the application - and we certainly hope you do! - there are five questions to answer and you can provide optional supporting materials.

Ready to apply?

Great! Simply make sure you are a current financial member with Women In Innovation and then use the APPLY NOW button below to get started on your application.

The application form is only five questions long and you can even submit it via video link if that's more your style.

We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about your innovation journey!

Applications close midnight 31 July, 2018.


Application Questions

There are five questions in the application and can be answered in writing or by video.

1. The elevator pitch; describe your innovation, why it exists, who it helps and the problem it is solving.

2. How did you go about realising your innovation and over what timeframe?

3. What were the challenges, successes, hurdles or aha moments?

4. What’s next for your innovation? Is there any opportunity to expand or export it?

5. Anything else you would like to add

You also have the option to tell us a little about your life, work and any other activities or background details that you feel are important to paint a picture of who you are.


Applications can be accompanied by up to 5 photos of the innovation for use in judging and on the awards night and website.

Other Supporting Materials

Applications can be accompanied by up to 3 other supporting materials for use in judging and on the awards night and website.


You can provide two referees that are familiar with your initiative and/or innovation journey.